Bill Klements

Bill Klements was a Pro Association Ski Instructor for more than 40 years. He was Past-President of the Bay Area Municipal Athletic Foundation and a Board Member for the SoCal Municipal Athletic Foundation. Yet after retiring near Bend, Oregon with severe nerve damage in both of his legs, this life-long athlete was unable to even walk across a room without excruciating pain. That is, until he discovered Pierce Footwear.

“I have worn Pierce shoes almost every day since I bought them last November,” said Klements. “I modified the left foot insole to reduce the pressure under my left small toe. And now I average 1.5 to 2 miles walking a day. I can honestly say that I am no longer in any pain whatsoever.

Trevor Taylor Team Kain Triathlon Performance Los Gatos, CA

Pierce T1 really put me on my toes and helped my form 41:39. Was my best 10k in a tri. And helped me achieve a 2 min lifetime Pr. At Olympic. Distance. At age 45. 2:12:09.
Next goal is to break 2:10

Robert Tadjiki – Bend Senior High School Special Education Teacher

Personally, I love how easy these shoes are to put on and take off. I use them to go running or just walking around town. When some students were a bit hard on the shoes, George came by Bend High School and fixed and replaced the shoes. His care and compassion for those that purchase these shoes is off the charts incredible!

Krissy Varner Fit Mom, Duathlete

My T1 multisport race shoes are the only shoes I can comfortably run in as I recover from plantar fasciitis in my left foot! So grateful! #piercefootwear #multirace #duathlon #fitmom #running

Mike Plumb President, San Diego Triathlon Club

First week testing out my new run shoes from Pierce Footwear developed by World Champion Duathlete, George Pierce. Three runs in them, an easy 5 miler, a tempo interval workout and a 4 mile run as part of a duathlon this weekend. The fit is awesome and they are both fast feeling and comfortable to wear. A real winner! This is my race shoe for the season!

Tucker B, Palo Alto

I have been running four times per week on the Pierce T1 for over eight months, and I just set my lifetime personal best in the 5K on it. The shoe is lightweight and durable, and its latch system is simple and effective.

Jess Cerra, pro cyclist, UCI Domestic Continental Team

For me, the best shoe is one that I don’t think about after I put it on. Pierce Footwear is that shoe and more. Lightweight, breathable, and the right amount of cushion to stability ratio. As a professional chef, I spend anywhere from 8 to 16 hours on my feet. The shoes I choose are as important as my knives, as my feet and hands are my main contact points. However, it’s not just the comfort of the shoe, it’s the practicality of the non-slip design, which is very important in the kitchen. This design also transfers to my life outside of the kitchen, as a professional cyclist on a UCI Domestic Continental team. The shoe is great for long travel days, and convenient to slip on and off in the airport or on a plane. During my time off the bike, I like to walk on the California beaches and hike. The non-stick sole of the shoe has an amazing grip for hiking. I’d recommend Pierce Footwear for anyone on-the-go with an active lifestyle, whether it be for work or for sport.

Rob Lindsay, Bend, OR

First run in the T1 and I am hooked. No laces to double knot, just an easy latch system. Soft and comfortable around the ankles as well. Thanks George!

Steven Davis

Semi-pro Cyclist, Bicycle Tour Guide & Head Chef, Outdoor Adventure – I used your shoes everyday for the tour. Thats 8+ hours cooking, heavy lifting, along with a hike that was 8.5 miles with 2,200 vertical in 4 miles. They held up GREAT! Really nice for non-slippage, comfort, and on/off ease with camping, along with biking casually on errand days.

Jenn Scudiero

I have struggled for years to find running shoes that fit well. Only when you have a good-fitting shoe do you realize what you were missing. These are lightweight and comfortable for training and everyday wear, and they make transitions at the race a breeze! Thank you for making a functional and fast shoe!

Leslie Battle

I cannot say enough good about my first race season with the Pierce Footwear T1. Every time I climbed the podium this year, I’m proud to say my speedy orange shoes made the climb with me. This is one piece of race day equipment none of my competitors need to know about!

Barret Fishner

USAT Pro/Elite OffRoad Triathlon, 2016 Team USA-Elite, 2016 Pro/Elite ITU OffRoad World Championships Team.

When I first saw the T1, I got excited because the laceless system just made sense to me for the quickest (and easiest) transition time! Being all thumbs, I had always struggled to get into my pre-tied and even speed-lace shoes, costing me valuable time in transition. With the T1, my transition time has significantly improved which is very important in the Pro field. The fit is great! Like a sock molded to your foot. I find the drop from heal to toe perfect, helping to produce a proper strike every time! So much so that other shoes just no longer work. I live in Belgium, and run them through the harsh weather and terrain conditions here, and I’m yet to have one fail! And finally they are fast! PR fast out the box! All around a great shoe for whatever your demands!

Jon Brusherd

I saw a FB post about these T1 shoes as was curious. So I contacted George who got me into a pair in early 2016. I loved the simplicity at first sight. So after a few training runs, I took them to Cary, NC USAT Long Course Duathlon Championships and won the Clydesdale division. They were extremely comfortable and yes they are fast in T1 and T2.

Jim Gross, Bend, OR

Just played 36 holes with the T1 shoe. I carried as well.

Best golfing shoes Ive ever had on my feet from a comfort standpoint.

All it needs is a tread that wont slip.

Erin Kelman

I have enjoyed training and now racing in the Pierce T1. I recently wore them during the run leg of an International triathlon race and had my fastest run split breaking 40 minutes in the 10k. The shoes have a neat clip strap that allow for a quick transition and the shoes overall felt comfortable and light during the run. My brother and father now have a pair as well. My brother is just getting into running and this is his first pair of running shoes that he has owned. The elite shoes have provided him with a little extra nudge to get out and run. Although my father doesn’t run, the strapping system has provided an ease of life benefit for him as he has Parkinson’s and has been losing motor function in his fingers.

Sarah Girven

I have worn the Pierce Footwear T1 since the spring of 2016. I was initially drawn to this shoe by it’s claims of making faster transitions due to the laceless/tongueless system. They are lightweight, a great fit, easily adjustable, and very comfortable. I have had great success with these shoes and have landed on the podium in every race I have worn them for. They save valuable seconds when seconds matter!

Julie Isphording

You are such a success story.

Courage, Brilliance, Resilience.

You are a master!

Julie Isphording, 1984 Womens Olympic Marathon

Marie Danais

My Pierce Footwear sandals feel better than my Québec Crocs!

Paul Lew

I started out in my Nike Free 4.0 and then when Bruce gave me your shoes I switched. I was skeptical that the canopy would feel bulky, but I am surprised that it did not. In fact, I’ve come to appreciate the canopy entry! I’ve been pleased with the shoe and for the most part I’ve been running trails, approximately 40 miiles/ week in Park City, UT. For a racer, 8.5 US size will fit perfectly. I have a 9.0 US size now and it works with socks I’ve been wearing in the winter, but thinner socks mean the shoe moves too much, so 8.5 is perfect. I genuinely really like the shoes and I intend to continue running in them and they are definitely a shoe I will race.

Joseph DiCarlo

Pierce Footwear makes fine lightweight, easy to wear athletic footwear

Dave Lee

I like what George is attempting to do with Pierce Footwear and of course, the shoes are great, too!

Susan Avny

Love the fit and the color! Excellent walking shoe!

Michael Knoff

The shoes are amazingly light and comfortable

Dr Mark Cucuzzella

George and Pierce Footwear have embraced the concept of designing a shoe which allows the foot to function as it is designed, yet offers a light but protective platform . it is a safe entry point for many runners and walkers into functional and healthy footwear. Dr Mark Cucuzzella

Noah Bruegmann

I purchased a pair of Pierce Footwear running shoes about a month ago and have done most of my training in them since. The flap closure system is far faster than traditional laces and puts less pressure on the ridge of your foot. I like them for running because they’re neutral and light. I’ve started using them as my gym shoes as well as for running because they reduce hassle–they pack and go on and off my feet easily and they’re still comfortable if I forget to bring socks.

Sarah Fulcher

Pierce Footwear provides me with expertly designed athletic shoes that are stable and high performance! I love my shoes and train in them daily! Thank you Pierce Footwear!

Shelby Nixon

I have a pair of the sandals and love the way they make my feet feel after a run. I feel recovered and refreshed

Jonathan Chen

great product at a great price.

John Clendenin

I’ve been a competitive athlete for fifty years! The design, comfort and ease of changing these shoes is unique and extraordinary. I’ve been recommending them to friends internationally.

Yvonne Bauer

Great shoe, light, comfortable, durable, fast to put on and ideal for running!

Michael Leighton

the shoes are amazingly light and comfortable

Robert Lott

Most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.