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Join Bob Beamon & Pierce Footwear in the Laceless Revolution

Join Bob Beamon & Pierce Footwear in the Laceless Revolution

Pierce Performance Footwear Makes you Better, Faster.

At the TrackTown Youth League meet in Mountain View, June 1, 2019, Pierce Youth Ambassadors took to the field in the 1,500, 400, 100, long jump and turbo javelin. And we are proud of how they performed.

1500 performance pierce footwear

Beautiful conditions, slight breeze and 100 youth ages 7-14 competed in Bend, OR on the track of Mountain View High School testing their skills and energies to go faster, jump higher.

What were the results for the Pierce Youth Ambassadors? Podium results of top 3-8th for both the boys and girls in all events were achieved in Pierce shoes.

track 400 meter performance

How did they get those results? Determination, preparation, perseverance, courage and toeing the line are the right attitudes when it comes to winning the race.

Oh and did we mention the best performance footwear you can have from PierceFootwear weighing in at 5 ounces per shoe and no laces to trip you up are the secret weapon?!

How do Pierce Shoes Perform Better, Faster?

  • Tested by elite triathletes, runners with podium results and branded by global Olympic 50 year record holder in the long jump, Bob Beamon, the BB50 is IT.
  • As light as a track spike, giving you the cushion and durability you need to race and train in, the BB50 is the ultimate racing machine!

Now available in our online store in limited quantities, the BB50 6.0 Running LaceLess comes in sizes starting 3-10. Half sizes are fitted using our custom SHIMS.

Always get Better, Faster with the Best Performance Footwear by PierceFoowear.


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