About Us

Pierce Footwear

Our Story

George Pierce is an entrepreneur and dedicated athlete. He has travelled nationally and globally competing in many duathlon and triathlon events over the past decades. In 2010, George suffered a life-threatening accident when he was struck by a car while cycling.

He sustained many serious injuries, including fracturing his neck and back in multiple places. On his road to recovery, George discovered that lacing shoes was incredibly difficult with his limited mobility. He was inspired to create a solution by designing a laceless performance shoe, and Pierce™ Footwear was born!

Our Vision

At Pierce™ Footwear, we envision a world where every person can perform, pursue, and accomplish the things that they have aspired to do. Anyone can contribute to their communities and society in a way that matters.

We see people overcoming their fears, their doubters, and their self-doubt. We see people performing at a higher level, challenging themselves, and proving to the world that they are able.

Pierce Footwear

Pierce Footwear

Our Mission

Pierce™ Footwear makes shoes for your feet, beyond just the function they serve. We believe that you can do anything; be anything. Life is meant to be lived well – and we believe that the shoes you wear should be up to the challenge of keeping you on your feet, constantly moving and loving every step.

No more wasting time putting your shoes on. Our laceless, sock-lined shoes free you up from unnecessary restrictions and empower you to spend your time on things far more important. With Pierce™ Footwear, our shoes are made for more than just the task before you – they are made to serve you; the wearer.

Propelled by the human spirit, you fight every day to prove that you can, you will, you are. We refuse to let you be held back by what you put on your feet.

Show the world what you’re made of with Pierce™ Footwear.