What is the return policy on shoes that don’t fit or have some malfunction?

If the shoes are not fitting or there is a malfunction, contact us at info@piercefootwear.com and we will issue you an electronic return label which you can use at no charge. We provide free return labels inside all shipments for size adjustments that have to be made. 

Are shoes shipped internationally?

At this time no.


What  are the black SHIMs used that are in all boxes?

They are used to put under the insole for HALF SIZE fitting. They essentially take up more room in the shoe to make it tighter.


What is the difference between the SpeedLatches?

Black is the most stiff and used for extreme training/racing. The other colors are the same stiffness and easier to manipulate.


How do you change out the SpeedLatches?

Detach from the clip with a simple twist.


Are the shoes washable? What is the best care?

You can machine wash a medium temperature after taking off the SpeedLatches. Preferably, hose them down or use a faucet and then air dry.


How long will these last me?

 Depends on how much you use them and for what activities. We estimate they will last at least 500 miles from road running and 3-6 months of multiple sessions per week in other activities. 


Why is this shoe better than a laced shoe?

This design wraps the foot and allows for natural dynamics. It allows the foot to breath better. You can adjust it quickly and use with the same precise tension every time. You can step directly into the shoe without breaking down the heel counter. Happy feet are better performing. 


Will they help me with plantar fasciitis?

We can’t guarantee any health benefits but it has been reported by many customers to have eliminated it.


What if I have hammer toes or bunions?

The design allows for feet to be wrapped and so this upper accommodates for these feet issues perfectly.


Will they work with AFO’s, leg braces and foot plates?

Yes. Many of our customers use them with braces and other devices since the upper can wrap around those structures.


Can I use my custom orthotics?

Yes, We encourage this to get customized fit.


Do these provide arch support?

The last we use for design has this built in dynamically.


What are the intended uses of these shoes?

Running primarily, waling, cross-training, light trail, court and pickleball; kids can use for PE, gym and biking to school.


Can I talk with customer service?

Yes, the number is: 541-903-2078


Can I track my shoes for delivery?

Yes, we provide USPS 2 day tracking information.