What is the return policy?

Unused, unworn shoes can be returned within 60 days of the shipping date for a refund, excluding the cost of shipping. If there is a malfunction with your shoes within the first year of purchase, you will also be issued a refund. Simply contact us at info@piercefootwear.com and we will issue you an electric return label which you can use to mail back the shoes.

Are shoes shipped internationally?

No. We are working to launch international shipping in 2020!


How long will my shoes last?

The life of Pierce™ Footwear shoes will vary depending on usage and activities. Our shoes will last approximately 500 miles from road running, and 3-6 months of multiple sessions per week in other activities.


What are the benefits of Pierce™ Footwear LaceLess shoes?

The upper design of the Pierce™ Footwear shoes wraps your feet and allows for natural movements. You can adjust the tension quickly and precisely, cutting down time on lacing and keeping you moving. You can step directly into the shoe without breaking down the heel counter. Happy feet are better performing!

How do you change out the SpeedLatches?

Detach from the clip with a simple twist.


What is the difference between the SpeedLatches?

Every pair of Pierce™ Footwear shoes comes with a variety of SpeedLatches and instructions for use. The black SpeedLatches are the stiffest and used for extreme training/racing. The other colors are the same stiffness and easier to manipulate.


What is a shim?

Shims are used under the insole for half size fitting. They take up more room in the shoe to make it tighter. Every pair of Pierce™ Footwear shoes comes with a pair of shims so that you can customize your best fit. Insert the shim as you would an insole, and you will be ready to run!


Do these provide arch support?

Pierce™ Footwear models feature medium arch support. 


What if I have hammer toes or bunions?

The design of Pierce™ Footwear shoes will naturally accommodate for these feet issues.


Can I use my custom orthotics?

Yes, we encourage this to get a customized fit.


Will they work with AFO’s, leg braces and foot plates?

Yes. Many of our customers use them with braces and other devices since the upper can wrap around those structures.


How do I care for my Pierce™ Footwear shoes?

To wash: Remove SpeedLatches. Pierce™ Footwear shoes can be machine washed up to a medium temperature. Preferably, hose them down or use a faucet. Air dry only.