Jess Cerra, pro cyclist, UCI Domestic Continental Team

For me, the best shoe is one that I don’t think about after I put it on. Pierce Footwear is that shoe and more. Lightweight, breathable, and the right amount of cushion to stability ratio. As a professional chef, I spend anywhere from 8 to 16 hours on my feet. The shoes I choose are as important as my knives, as my feet and hands are my main contact points. However, it’s not just the comfort of the shoe, it’s the practicality of the non-slip design, which is very important in the kitchen. This design also transfers to my life outside of the kitchen, as a professional cyclist on a UCI Domestic Continental team. The shoe is great for long travel days, and convenient to slip on and off in the airport or on a plane. During my time off the bike, I like to walk on the California beaches and hike. The non-stick sole of the shoe has an amazing grip for hiking. I’d recommend Pierce Footwear for anyone on-the-go with an active lifestyle, whether it be for work or for sport.