Czech this out! Newest Pierce Footwear team member wins his division in Super Dave’s Down & Dirty 10K

George Pierce, left, and his father-in-law Jirka Brizek get ready to bust some trail at the start of the Down & Dirty 10K at the Seventh Mountain Resort.

When Jirka Brizek left the Czech Republic with his wife to visit their daughter Silvie Pierce and her husband George in Bend a few weeks ago, he had no idea he would enter Super Dave’s Down & Dirty 10K. Let alone do it wearing a new pair of Pierce T1 shoes and end up winning the 60-64 age group. But when you’re connected to the team at Pierce Footwear and put on some T1s, it’s not uncommon to do things that are well beyond your expectations.

When asked about his experience running in the race and finishing in an impressive time of 55:49.3, Jirka (who doesn’t speak any English) had this to say:

“Od George jsem pred zavodem dostal novy par bot, ktery jsem stihl vyzkouset akorat na Pilot Butte. Nato, ze byl zmrzly a tvrdy teren tak se mi v botach Pierce be ohl byt jeste lepsi. Na muj prvni bezecky zavod na uzemi USA tak budu vzpominat je nom v dobrem.”

In other words (translated by Silvie) Jirka said:

“Shortly before the race, I received a new pair of Pierce T1 shoes from George. I had only tested them out on a run to Pilot Butte. Considering that the running course was frozen and hard, the shoes felt great and if I had not had a cold, my time would have been even better. This was my first race in the U.S. and I will remember it with good memories for a long time.”

As always, George goes the extra mile. Or two.

How did Pierce Footwear’s Founder and CEO, George do in his pair of T1s, you ask? Well, let’s just say he and another competitor somehow ventured off the course, which followed the Storm King Trail south of Century Drive, for a while. They ended up running an extra two miles before getting back on track. Funny how Jirka, the fellow who doesn’t speak English, didn’t have trouble following the directions. But whatever. At least George had shoes that could easily handle the extra distance. And the course wasn’t quite as frozen by the time he finished.

As for Jirka, he headed back to Prague yesterday with an impressive medal around his neck and even more impressive shoes on his feet. 10Ks in Eastern Europe may never be the same.