We are on a mission to build shoes that help people change their lives whether in posting new PR’s, getting out the door to nail a health goal, staying fit or simply getting back on their feet walking again. We help preserve the human spirit.

A BIG Thank YOU to our growing Footwear Family

The launch of Pierce Footwear would simply not have been possible had it not been for the incredible support of our first Customers, Ambassadors, Athletes, Families and Friends that took our shoes seriously and showed the world what a better fitting shoe can do for athletic and daily training performances. This is a special call out to Northern California Special Olympic (@SPOlyNorth) track and field athletes that went into National competition in New Jersey last June and were the first to medal in our USA shoes! We continued paying it forward to sponsor the 492 Special Olympic TEAM USA athletes in their world championship games last July in Los Angeles.

We added two cycling team sponsorships in 2015 for sport sandals: the woman Team TIBCO Silicon Valley racers (@teamTIBCO-SVB) and Hincapie Development Racing mens team (@TeamHincapie).

We are working to implement a girls youth running program with TEAM Impala this year (@impalarunSF) and Kaiser Permanente.

We celebrate with a long list of Ambassadors that include Al Muir (TEAM USA Duathlon), Don Ardell (many times over All-American, TEAM USA World Tri and Duathlete), Russ Jones (the original triathlete, duathlete, TEAM USA World Tri and Duathlete), Mary Rine (TEAM USA Duathlete, Florida), Virginia Poyner (has raced in the most number of World Duathlon Championships continuously than any woman), Jim Girand (TEAM USA Duathlon, raced in more world duathlon championships than any man, many time over World Duathlon Champion), Tim Yount, Bruce Balch (many times over National Du-Triathlon champion, All-American), and Marty Stiegmann (World Duathlon Champion, Nationally ranked triathlete).

We can’t forget our initial triathlete professionals of Justin Park, Jarrod Shoemaker and Canadian Marie Danais.

And, I owe a ton of my inspiration to start this company to Dr. Mark Cucuzzella in West Virginia that wrote an article in April 2012 Running Times about PROPER SHOE FIT. I built and raced on shoe number ONE in April 2012 at the National Duathlon Championships, Tucson, Arizona with faster T times than 2011. It has been onward and upward from that point helping those recover from stoke, rehabbing from hip surgeries, doctors, nurses, kids running PE classes getting PR’s, neighbors and toddlers first steps. My critical business operations from day one and continued support have been under the stewardship of Eric Martin and moral support of Rachel Cieslewicz and rigorous testing of Canyon on the roads and mountains of Utah.